Startup Survey

Over 2012 I talked to much of the HK tech community and took lots of great feedback to develop a couple of startup programs in HK.

To build on that and help the HK tech community more in 2013, I’m collecting more input on startups in HK and their concerns. This “Hong Kong Startups Survey” is for HK tech startups only.

Data collected will be aggregated, anonymized and then made available to the HK tech community, people who may want to come to HK, or otherwise be involved. We will also conduct follow-on interviews with a selection of startups as part of this data collection.

The English version is available here. Please participate and tell others!


香港創業公司問卷調查 2012年間,我接觸了不少香港的高科技界的社群收集意見,以舉辦幾個香港創業課程。 建基於此,我現正搜集更多有關創業的資料及創業公司所關注的問題。本調查是專為香港高科技創業公司而設的。 所搜集的資料會以匯集及匿名的形式供香港高科技界、計劃來港及以其他方式投入創業的人士參考。這次資料搜集中我們也將進一步訪問其中的創業公司。問卷調查的中文版可到此參看