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Arkologic delivers the industry’s first enterprise NAS system designed from the ground up to fully utilize solid state storage technology.

Arkologic was founded with the mission to serve this growing need by rethinking storage in the context of this new era. The Arkologic PowerFlash architecture brings together the best of HDD-based systems, networking, and service level management.

For the first time, enterprise data centers, cloud service providers, and small and medium sized businesses can provide guaranteed predictable high performance for each of their applications or users without over-provisioning. With RAID-AS, apps can use their own optimal RAID level on the same device. And full control over bandwidth, latency, and IOPS gives you unprecedented flexibility to allocate and verify QoS per VM, application, IP address, or volume.

The Arkologic team is composed of storage industry veterans with direct experience launching successful enterprise storage companies, as well as years of experience at NetApp, Sun, Data Domain, LSI and Oracle.

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