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9GAG is a community of people who share laughter.

User generated funny pictures and videos with commenting and ratings. Content can be sorted according to popularity.

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9GAG new logo.svg
Web address
Slogan Just For Fun!
Type of site Entertainment website
Registration Optional
Owner Ray Chan, Chris Chan[1]
Launched 2008
Alexa rank negative increase 326 (February 2013[update])[2]

9GAG is an image-based social media website which centres around user-uploaded, comical images dubbed "Fun". The site had 2 billion monthly pageviews as of Dec 2011, according to co-founder Ray Chan.[3] The website is mainly known for recurring use of internet memes.[4] Characters are usually poorly designed and usually in black and white which is part of the central focus of the humor in the site.[5] Similarly to websites like Reddit and Digg, users can vote and comment on images, with the newest and most popular appearing first.

9GAG participated in the Y Combinator startup accelerator program in summer 2012.[6] In July 2012, it announced raising $2.8 million dollars in seed funding, and a mobile app for Apple iOS.[7]


9GAG became involved in controversy after rumors linked the web site with the 2012 Aurora shooting.[8] This was later exposed as a hoax.[9]


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