We label listings to show if an entry can be contacted directly through our page.

  •  Account confirmed.
    Listing owner logged in to their account and confirmed the listing and contact option.
  •  Account not confirmed.
    Listing owner has been sent account details but hasn’t logged in to their account yet.
  •  No account assigned.
    Listing owner could not be reached and thus has no account.

> If you are a listing owner and have not yet received your account details, please contact us.

Why all this?
Our Directory started as a single page list, manually edited and entries submitted either orally or through a form. Hence no accounts were associated and no contact information was verified.

How to confirm

As a listing owner, login to your dashboard and open the listing you want to confirm. On the listing’s editor page, the last option under section “CustomPress Fields” is a check-box labeled “Yes” for the option “Confirmed”. Simply tick it.

Read more on our dedicated Help page.