Is your startup Made in Hong Kong?

This is a growing list of tech startups that are either mostly coded in or mostly run from Hong Kong.
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“How can I help?”

To help the whole Hong Kong tech community, if your startup is listed, we’d appreciate you telling others to add themselves to the list. You can also add “We Are HK Tech” or “Made in Hong Kong” (or something to that effect) on your website with a link to

Why does this list exist? And who did it?

Hong Kong has a future as a tech startup hub. More and more creative work is being done here and the tech community is very supportive and encouraging. So let’s show off a little so that more people will know what’s being done in Hong Kong.

WeAreHKtech was started by Paul Orlando to help HK become a tech hub. Running a lean startup program and AcceleratorHK, people kept asking him for a list of Hong Kong startups… so WeAreHKtech was born.

Thanks to Jason Li and Elsa Chan who helped a ton by adding more complete descriptive content to the first version, and Andre Martin for creating this version.

This is not yet a complete or fully accurate list, so please keep submitting to or correcting it.